Rebel F50: a Sharkoon fan in black or white!


Staying with fans, Sharkoon is launching a new range of fans. The program includes the Rebel F50, a 120 mm fan with aRGB lighting available in black or white!

Rebel F50, a new Sharkoon fan!

Sharkoon’s new 120 mm fans are available in black and white. The latter feature translucent blades to diffuse their aRGB lighting. Naturally, connections are made in the classic way: a PWM connector for power supply and speed management, and a three-pin RGB connector for lighting.

Otherwise, the fans are quite standard in form, with a 120×25 mm frame. The latter features rubber silentblocks to dampen vibrations. There are nine blades, with a rather straight profile.

All that remains is to talk about the specifications, with a speed range from 600 to 2000 rpm. Rated air flow is 131.93 m3/h (77.65 CFM) at a static pressure of 2.9 mmH2O.

As usual, the Sharkoon brand offers us products that are very well priced: Alternate sells a fan for around €13.50!

Click here for the Sharkoon product sheet!