Precision 7960: Dell’s 56-core Xeon server


Dell announces new workstation machines. These are intended for professional use and have very, very buffed up configurations. In a few words, we find very big Xeon and RTX A6000.

Pricision 7960: 56-core Xeon and RTX 6000 Ada!

Dell Precision 7960With this machine, Dell offers us a very powerful machine since at the processor level, the brand turns to the Xeon W-3400 Sapphire Rapids. It even leaves the possibility of opting for the W9-3495X in 56 cores. On the memory side, we can go up to 1 TB of DDR5 at 4800 MT/s while we can mount up to four pro GPUs inside.

Unfortunately, we can only choose an old generation RTX A6000. As a reminder, this card was released in 2020. In between, the RTX 6000 Ada Generation was released. On the side of AMD, the choice of GPUs is turned to the RADEON pro W6800. Anyway, on the power supply side, if you want, you can opt for a 2200W block!

Finally, the machine also provides access to a number of interfaces. One thinks in particular of the USB in all the directions, but also of the Ethernet in 10 GbE and in 1 GbE. A serial port is also present.

As for the price, don’t expect a “top budget” machine, far from it. The basic package alone is priced at €7,200 on the Dell website. If you opt for the Xeon W9-3495X, four RTX A6000 and 1TB of memory, it’s around €60,000! You can go even higher by selecting other options.

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