Overclocking beyond 6 GHz on MSI boards!


A new feature has appeared on MSI motherboards: overclocking beyond 6 GHz. The function is available on the brand’s Z690 and Z790 boards. To activate it, however, you’ll need at least a minimum of robust hardware!

Automaticoverclocking beyond 6.00 GHz now available on MSI boards!

MSI Overclocking automatique 6,00 GHz

Since a recent bios update, some MSI motherboards have been equipped with OC functionality above 6.00 GHz. We’re talking about frequencies between 6.1 GHz and 6.3 GHz. Be careful, though, as you’ll need a motherboard with a minimum of solidity. In fact, we’re talking about a model from the brand’s MPG or MEG series. This choice is all the more understandable given that the function is limited to Intel’s Core i9 14900K, a CPU that will be anything but thrifty!

However, this update is not limited to the Z690/Z790 boards, as it also includes other models. Apparently, the B660/B760/H610 models are also affected… But without the OC function. More broadly, the update includes optimizations to microcode, secure boot and more. It also improves overclocking mechanisms and the APO function. As a reminder, when activated, the APO function boosts gaming performance.

Of course, to take advantage of these new features, you’ll need to update your motherboard’s bios. To do so, visit the brand’ s website to download the precious sesame!