Ouch, chipsets cracking on MSI motherboards!


Things aren’t so rosy for MSI motherboards based on Intel chipsets. As a matter of fact, in some models, the chipset cracks during assembly. The only problem: the boards are dead even though they’re brand new (failure on unpacking). What was initially a sporadic problem turns out to be much more significant.

MSI motherboards: a problem with Intel chipsets!

Over time, this has become a real topic on the networks, particularly on Reddit. Conversations between groups of enthusiasts and professional technicians have highlighted a much wider problem. On some Z790 boards, you can end up with cracked chipsets.

The question remains as to the origin of this problem: is it during soldering of the chipset or during assembly of its heatsink? Indeed, if too much clamping pressure is applied to a silicon chip, the latter can crack under the pressure. In either case, the consequences are obvious: hardware failure!

Cartes mères MSI

The Joshi Repair technician shows us this on an MSI Z790 Tomahawk WiFi board. After removing the chipset heatsink and cleaning the thermal paste, we discover scratches on it. But after observation with thermal imaging, we realize that the problem is much more serious: the silicon chip is cracked.

Finally, this raises some questions about the brand’s quality control and assembly process. For the time being, this problem seems to concern only MSI, which has made no comment.