Onda, the Chinese company that makes cheap motherboards


We have already talked about ONDA, a Chinese company that focuses its distribution on the Asian market often with cards that are a little esoteric but always with an aggressive positioning. And this is clearly the case with the brand new Intel B760 chipset since the manufacturer offers two versions, the B760-VH4-B and the B760-VH5-W. The first reference uses DDR4 memory and the second uses DDR5 memory. Both cards are in Micro ATX format.

Onda propose 2 cartes B760

Onda: Between 80 and 100$ for Intel B760 boards

If the PCB does not have a design that makes you dream, both versions clearly go to the essentials and we notice obviously that some concessions are made for the price. We can see the presence of a single PCIe x16 slot. Then we have a PCIe x1 slot and two M.2 Gen4 x4 slots. There are also three SATA III ports. The rear I/O panel is also very basic with an HDMI/VGA configuration for display output, six USB ports, an Ethernet LAN port and an HD audio jack. We smile a little when we discover the presence of a PS/2 port.

But that’s not the main point. These two cards have a price positioning never seen before: the B760-VH4-B version is offered at 549 RMB, or about $80 US. While the B760-VH5-W (which has a white PCB) is offered at 649 RMB or $95 US.

Carte mère Onda Intel B760

We can make fun of the design and the basic side of these two references but let’s not forget that “simple” cards of this kind also exist in the big brands… But we are far from these prices. Obviously, we have no information about the reliability of Onda products…