Nvidia wants to relaunch the SFF format


The SFF ( Small Form Factor) format is an interesting one, but it has to be said that in recent years, with the embonpoint of graphics cards, it has been difficult to build a graphically high-performance PC without making concessions on chassis size. Nvidia seems ready to try and change things by creating a new ecosystem within which the company will offer ” SFF Enthusiast GeForce ” GPUs.

SFF Nvidia
The problem (in the extreme) between a mini ITX motherboard and a latest-generation high-performance graphics card

On the face of it, Nvidia seems intent on encouraging several partners, and not just graphics card manufacturers, to stimulate the SFF PC market. In this spirit, the greens are going to attempt to set guidelines and create a standard for graphics card and chassis manufacturers. For the moment, beyond declarations of intent, it’s still relatively vague. It is likely, however, that the Mini-ITX standard will be at the heart of the overall reflection. It would be difficult to give birth to yet another format when it has been successfully established for some time now.

Some graphics cards, such as the RTX 4060, could lend themselves to more compact versions. But despite a lower TDP, it’s hard to see a reduction in model size. Gigabyte does offer an SFF format for an RTX 4060, but you’ll have to get up early to find it. If you want more choice, you’ll have to go back to the previous generation with more modest GPUs (RTX 3050, for example).

A rare example of SFF integration with a recent dedicated graphics card.

Here is Nvidia’s main description of this new ecosystem project:

Enthusiasts around the world choose Small Form Factor chassis for their dream equipment.

However, when building around modern enthusiast GPUs, finding the best components for SFF (Small Form Factor) construction can be difficult.

NVIDIA has developed form factor guidelines to help gamers choose the best GeForce RTX GPU and components for their SFF version.

These guidelines provide dimensions and spacing between enthusiast graphics cards and SFF chassis, creating a standard for AIC and chassis manufacturers to help make building SFF gaming PCs a great experience.