Nvidia to make announcements on January 3 at CES 2023


Nvidia has just officially confirmed that it will broadcast a keynote at the opening of CES 2023. For the moment, we don’t really have any details about the content of this conference but the Geforce range should be widely discussed. First of all, as you probably know, the RTX 4070Ti should be officially launched this January 3rd 2023 with a commercialization shortly following (January 5th?).

Nvidia Janvier 2023 CES 4070Ti
For the CES 2023 Nvidia should present its RTX 4070 Ti but also other cards

CES 2023: RTX 4070Ti and maybe other announcements from Nvidia

Then some sources mention the possibility that Nvidia unveils a little more of the rest of its range while others speak of an arrival of RTX 4060 not before the middle of next year. Finally, the RTX 40 mobile range should logically be addressed, all of this being done in parallel with the launches of the new 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake-HX processors and the Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range from AMD. A conjunction of launches allowing partner brands to present their new ranges of laptops.

Note that once again, this announcement will be “virtual” and not live at CES. Even if Team Green will at CES with a booth in the Las Vegas show, this trend of virtual events seems to be taking hold. During this conference Nvidia should detail its next innovations but also dwell on its technologies around GeForce by announcing probably several titles supported by the DLSS 3.