NVIDIA B200, towards an explosion in power consumption?


With Blackwell, we can expect companies/organizations with supercomputers to increase their electricity bills. Indeed, Jeff Clarke, a Dell executive, talks about the high power consumption of NVIDIA’s future B200!

NVIDIA B200: 1000W power consumption per card?

NVIDIA Blackwell - GB200In broad strokes, this gentleman announces the confidence he has in his engineering teams. He also indicates that, in the future, they will be able to cool NVIDIA’s forthcoming B100 and B200 GPUs, all with aircooling heatsinks enabling them to dispense with watercooling systems.

” We’re excited about what happens at the B100 and the B200, and we think that’s where there’s actually another opportunity to distinguish engineering confidence. Our characterization in the thermal side, you really don’t need direct liquid cooling to get to the energy density of 1000 watts per GPU.

That happens next year with the B200. The opportunity for us really to showcase our engineering and how fast we can move and the work that we’ve done as an industry leader to bring our expertise to make liquid cooling perform at scale “

Let’s not forget that in a server environment, reliability is the number one priority. And while watercooling offers better cooling performance, with all the waterblocks, pumps, etc., there are just as many failures to contend with.

What’s more, we sense that the gentleman has made a small blunder by mentioning, out of the blue, the power consumption, the name of the cards and their launch in 2025. Neither Dell nor NVIDIA would comment on this announcement.