New Intel Battlemage GPUs in November?


The last official statement concerning the release of the next generation of Intel GPUs was made at the end of 2023. It said that the new range of GPUs would appear ” hopefully ” before CES 2025 and therefore in 2024. According to ComputerBase sources, Intel is now aiming for autumn, and wants to be fully operational to take advantage of the Black Friday sales boost (November 29 this year). Obviously, if we go back in time to the chaotic launch of Intel’s first boards, we have to be careful with dates… Has Intel learned from its mistakes? Let’s hope so, as AMD is also planning to arrive in the second half of the year. The head of GPU marketing who “managed” the launch of the first generation, Ryan Shrou, is no longer in post… So let’s hope Intel doesn’t screw up a second time.

Intel Battlemage

Intel Battlemage: don’t fail a second time!

Especially as the possibilities of really establishing a foothold in the market are real. We saw earlier that Nvidia intends to focus on the very high-end, at least by the end of 2024. So if the timing is right, we’ll have to deliver cards with decent performance by the end of 2024. At the moment, information on future Battlemage-based cards is relatively scarce. One leak suggests that the next generation of Intel graphics cards may well exploit a PCIe 5.0 x16 interface. As with the current generation, the new boards would exploit a so-called ” full heigh ” PCB 8″ long, or around 20.32 cm. This briefly recalls the PCB format of NVIDIA’s boards.

Finally, efficiency would be at the heart of Intel’s ambition. This would materialize in the overall size of the boards, which would occupy just 2 slots in a PC case… At a time when board footprint is increasingly important, having dual-slot models is always a pleasure. Of course, this feature probably only applies to reference cards.