MSI working on B650M DIY-APE motherboards


After Asus and its B760M-BTF WiFi with connectors mounted on the back of the card, we learn that MSI is also on the move. Of course, it’s not a secret since we have heard about the Project Zero but this is about new motherboards. Indeed, it’s two B650M DIY-APEs that show up, AMD cards that come in white and black.

B650M DIY-APE: AMD with zero visible cables?

MSI B650M DIY-APEWith these cards, the brand is working on two models in micro-ATX format. As you can see, most of the connectivity migrates to the back of the board’s PCB. This allows the brand to mount shields on almost all the visible part and to take care of the visual aspect.

As for the Asus model, the main power supply connector as well as the various headers will be invisible to the eye once the assembly is completed. By the way, here are some visuals of the project in action:

Of course, this type of configuration requires custom cases, here is a small example with an Asus and SAMA model. To accommodate this type of motherboard, additional openings have been made at the level of the motherboard’s connectivity. Moreover, with the thickness of the different connectors, we can imagine that the rear space has been increased as well. It would be a shame not to be able to close the case.

Besides MSI, Maxsun is also part of this DIY-APE program. Eventually, it is not impossible that this will lead to a new standard in motherboard and case production. Especially if more and more manufacturers participate in the program.