MSI Project Zero: they too no longer like cables


MSI and Gigabyte have obviously given each other the word. They are fed up with cables. Gigabyte has presented its concept to do away with glass machines with disastrous cable management, MSI also seems to have ideas with its concept MSI Project Zero.

MSI Project Zero In the idea, the brand with the little red dragon would like to build a new series of products intended for users who assemble their PCs themselves in order to help them showcase their setup without too much effort. MSI is therefore working on a multitude of solutions that will make up its Project Zero PC kit.

MSI project Zero connectors

MSI Project Zero: the ( almost ) end of cables too?

MSI Project Zero The first of these products is a brand new Intel Z690-based motherboard that would be part of the Unify series lineup. Compared to the existing motherboard, the new version has almost no surface connectors. All the connectors are either hidden or located on the back of the motherboard. You can see on the pictures published here that the diagnostic display is also “hidden” as well as the two power/reset switches below. Another remark, if this Zero version is part of the Unify series, we should not find any RGB LED on the motherboard.

MSI Project Zero Obviously, this card is unusable in a classic case and that’s why we can count on MSI to offer us chassis and probably other elements.

MSI Project Zero

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