MSI fully supports 256 GB RAM on its motherboards


For some time now, RAM capacities on our components have clearly been on the rise. Indeed, we remember the increase from 128 GB to 192 GB. Now, this capacity has reached a new milestone, with 256 GB officially supported by MSI! This applies to all the brand’s DDR5 motherboards!

256 GB RAM supported on all MSI DDR5 motherboards!

256 Go de RAMOf course, if you have an Intel motherboard, you’ll need to update your bios to take advantage of these new memory capacities. Unfortunately, simply plugging in your newly-acquired memory sticks won’t do the trick. Fortunately, updating your bios isn’t very complicated – you just need to avoid a power cut… And even then, recent motherboards have recovery systems to resolve this kind of situation.

From AMD’s point of view, this memory capacity is already supported on the X670(E), B650(E) and A620 models. In fact, the bios in question were launched last January. So, once again, if it’s been a while since you’ve updated your motherboard, now’s the time to do so.

Cartes mères Intel 256 Go

In any case, if the primary use of your PC is video games, clearly 256 GB won’t be much use to you. However, if your machine is used for editing, AI, data manipulation, virtual machines, etc., having lots of RAM can quickly become very useful!

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