MSI brings 256 GB RAM support to its LGA-1700 motherboards


Support for 256 GB RAM capacities is something that was highlighted at the end of 2023. We remember ASRock and Gigabyte promoting it. This time, we’re getting into something much more concrete, with MSI starting to roll out bios for its LGA-1700 boards!

MSI adds 256 GB RAM support to its Intel motherboards!

MSI 256 Go de RAM

To take advantage of this new RAM capacity, all you need to do is update your motherboard’s bios. Bear in mind, however, that these are still BETA bios. Instabilities may be felt. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the risk.

While you’re waiting for memory kits to become available, your freshly upgraded board can easily accommodate 64GB DDR5 modules. By populating the four DIMM slots of your configuration, you can reach a capacity of 256 GB!

While such a capacity may seem ridiculous for gaming machines, it’s not the case for all types of PC applications. In the case of very large renderings or the handling of large databases, RAM can quickly run out.

The same applies to AI applications, which consume a lot of memory. Future PCs alone will need to be equipped with at least 16 GB of RAM to support future functionalities of this kind.

Of course, this support is still in the preliminary stages, as memory kits are not yet available on the market… All the more so as such a capacity could literally cost a kidney. But for professional use, it will still be possible!

MSI motherboards are here!