AM5 motherboards: inflation there too?


A few weeks ago, we talked about the method used by AMD to lower the design cost of its future AM5 socket motherboards. While some sources claimed that this would serve a policy of aggressive positioning of motherboards, we modulated this general opinion following the first information delivered by some of our sources. Unfortunately, these indications seem to be confirmed and switching to the new AMD generation should cost more, already for the price of AM5 motherboards. The X670 and X670E chipsets will be the first to open the dance for the launch of Ryzen 7000. As a result, the positioning will be high-end and a leak from a German retailer could confirm our fears. On the IPC-Computer website, you will find X670E and X670 motherboards available for pre-order. So beware, these products do not have a release date yet and it is likely that the price is purely indicative. At this moment, IPC -Computer has removed the public display of these products…But here is what we could find until then, captured by wcctftech. prix cartes mères AM5Prices that can panic obviously. However, we have not received any other confirmation from our contacts. We will remain cautious, keeping in mind that some merchants have been using “unfortunate leaks” for some time to get some free publicity. We also know that brands will wait until the last moment to communicate their public prices in order not to play into their competitors’ hands. The first AM5 cards should be unveiled soon and in any case before the official launch of the Ryzen 7000.

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