Minisforum AR900i, an ITX motherboard with a 24-core CPU


A new Minisforum machine with the AR900i, an ITX motherboard equipped with a 24-core processor. The configuration in question features a Core i9 13900HX, all in the ultra-compact format we love!

AR900i: a Minisforum ITX motherboard equipped with an i9 13900HX!

Minisforum AR900iWith this new ITX configuration, Minisforum offers an ultra-compact motherboard measuring 17×17 cm. It also features a mobile processor soldered directly onto it: a Core i9 13900HX. This is a laptop CPU with a total of 24 cores (8P16E) and 32 threads. As for frequencies, it will run at 5.4 GHz on boost, and boasts a PL2 of 157W, compared with 55W for its PL1.

Otherwise, the board’s power supply connectors are as standard as can be. As you can see, it features a 24-pin ATX connector, while the CPU is powered by an 8-pin EPS12V.

As for memory, there are two vertical DDR5 SO-DIMM slots. Laptop RAM will be installed on these. Note that the board can accommodate up to 96 GB of memory running at 5200 MT/s.

As for storage, there’s no SATA here: it’s all via M.2 slots. There are four in all, two of which are heatsink-cooled on the front of the board. The other two are on the rear. Finally, for the display, you can choose between the processor’s iGPU or a dedicated graphics card via a PCIe x16 5.0 connector.

As for processor cooling, a heatsink is fitted as standard. All that remains is to choose a fan.

We’ll end quickly with the retail price, which is $559.00 on the brand’s website!

Here’s the Minisforum page!