M.2 heatsinks: beware of AliExpress scams!


Once again, AliExpress has something for everyone, especially when it comes to M.2 heatsinks. Der8auer has compiled a list of the models available. As you’ll see, some of them border on the swindly!

M.2 heat sinks: be careful what you buy!

Dissipateurs M.2 scamsThe famous overclocker has acquired a number of references, four in all. Among them, we have a Jiushark model, the M.2-Three, an active model, the only one in the comparison. Otherwise, the other three are passive, the Final Cool being equipped with RGB lighting, while the Jeyi is a graphene sheet-type heatsink reducing the temperature by 10°C… That’s what’s advertised. Last but not least, the Ineo M12 features a spiral copper heat pipe for heat dissipation.

Strange as it may seem, clocker tests have shown that not all models are useless. The Jiushark model, despite its pronounced noise, is quite efficient. As for the Ineo M12, it also does the job, as well as the motherboard heatsink, but lacks a real heat sink. What we do see is a thick, coiled copper wire.

Finally, the Jeyi and FinalCool models are really rip-offs with no gains noted. At this point, you might as well keep your pennies and run the SSD, a Crucial T700 PCIe 5.0, without a cooling system, you’ll get the same result.

In short, if you’re looking for a cooling system for your SSD, turn to reputable brands, Thermalright being a good example. Otherwise, try to find some tests to check the product’s performance before wasting time and money.