Lian Li launches its Galahad II Trinity AIO series!


The Lian Li brand is back on the scene with the launch of its Galahad II AIO-type watercooling kits. As a reminder, this range was unveiled at Computex by the brand and comes in several series: Trinity, Trinity SL-INF and Trinity Performance!

Galahad II, the Trinity and Trinity SL-INF models :

We begin our tour with the Trinity and Trinity SL-Inf series, whose basic design is identical. The only difference between the two concerns ventilation. On the one hand, we have fairly classic aRGB fans, while on the other, we have SL-Infinity fans.

In the former case, the mills operate at up to 2450 RPM, compared with 2100 RPM for the SL-INFs. Air flow and static pressure are therefore respectively 89.1 CFM and 3.26 mmH2O in the former case, versus 61.3 CFM and 2.66 mmH2O in the latter.

Otherwise, the base remains the same with one pump, so the cover is interchangeable. You can add an aluminum ring or leave it unfinished for more RGB lighting.

Finally, we have two different radiator sizes: 240 mm and 360 mm. Their thickness is standard: 27 mm, but we know the density of the aluminum fins, which is 20 FPI(Fin per inch).

The Galahad II Trinity Performance:

The Galahad II Trinity Performance is a radically different AIO . Yes, it’s all about maximum performance! To this end, we find a thicker 32 mm radiator. However, the fin density is lower: 19 FPI, but the aim is to maximize airflow through it.

And when it comes to airflow, the Taiwanese brand pulls out the big guns. A trio of 30 mm fans made from LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) ensure maximum rigidity… And that’s not all, since these mills can reach 3000 RPM in performance mode. In fact, when it comes to specifications, they boast :

  • Performance mode :
    • Speed: up to 3000 RPM
    • Air flow: 108.29 CFM
    • Static pressure: 6.99 mmH2O
  • Silent or low mode :
    • Speed: up to 2300 RPM
    • Air flow: 81.54 CFM
    • Static pressure: 4.08 mmH2O

Last but not least, the pump still benefits from the same aesthetic treatment as the other series. It is also faster, with 4200 RPM instead of 3200 RPM.

Click here and here for Lian Li product sheets!