LG and Samsung think foldable screens are the future


We are starting to see more and more foldable screens in the cell phone world. But for display makers LG and Samsung, the application territory could quickly expand to the PC world. Both companies are working on several concepts for future devices, and they seem to believe that foldable and rollable displays will have an important place in a number of other applications.

Foldable screens: the technology is progressing very quickly

So what can these screens bring to our everyday world? For Samsung, the idea would be to offer screens that can open like a book and thus double the display surface but also rollable screens that allow you to define the desired width depending on the content you consume. Finally, the idea of the “sliding” screen, could, applied to laptops, extend your display surface when you are sitting on your desk.

Samsung believes that foldable screens also have a place in the gaming world. So the Korean is also working on a “foldable gaming OLED” that would allow users to attach controllers to the sides of the screen.

écrans pliables LG has a different approach and seems to want to emphasize the concept of the foldable screen applied to laptops. The company has thus presented a 17-inch foldable OLED that will debut in an Asus Zenbook laptop. But it also has a curved gaming monitor in the works that lets you adjust the curvature.

It will then remain to remove the doubts that remain on the robustness and durability of these new slabs. In this respect, the rapid evolution of cell phones already allows us to get an idea.

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