Lenovo believes in the PC mobile console


Lenovo (rather discreetly) rubs shoulders with Asus Rog Ally and MSI Claw with its Legion Go. But the Chinese giant has no intention of stopping there. At its Lenovo Innovate 24 conference, the company announced that a new version was already in the works, and that massive investment would be focused on this segment, which looks promising for Lenovo. Clifford Chong, Lenovo’s Gaming Category Manager for Asia-Pacific, spoke to journalists. In the course of this discussion, he confirmed that a Legion Go 2 was in development, but that many improvements were still to come on the current version.

Lenovo Go

We’ll be committing a lot more resources to improving the current Legion Go […]. Since day one, we’ve unlocked a lot more experience and engineering efforts are still underway to try and bring the next wave of functionality to the product. [ …]It’s certainly a product category in which we see potential, and we’re continuing to invest and look forward, when the time comes, of course, to having the next generation to offer even more functionality.

Lenovo Go: a lot of flaws, but a really interesting concept.

Lenovo Go

It has to be said that here in Europe, the Legion Go hasn’t really received much media coverage compared to its comrades Asus and MSI. Yet Lenovo’s proposal has a number of arguments in its favor. In particular, it comes with a pair of removable Nintendo Switch-style wireless joysticks and a kickstand for holding the console upright on a table or when connected to a TV. Finally, its screen is considerably larger (8.8″), but this is also its main weakness. The console’s design suffers, with a visually “heavy” device. The battery is also a problem, with autonomy lagging far behind the competition.

However, Lenovo is on to something with a different form factor , giving it other uses, such as the possibility of using it as a tablet. What we have here is a kind of very interesting beta version that looks like a sort of hybrid between a Microsoft Surface and a Nintendo Switch. A second version is clearly on the cards.