Lamptron: illegal Aida64 licenses supplied with their fans


Lamptron is a company we know by name, which in the past produced ventilation control systems (rehobus). In the meantime, the brand has started offering monitoring screens to keep an eye on various things on your PC. These screens can also be found on the ventirads we recently told you about. And we’re not going to lie, according to Der8auer it’s a bit of a splurge.

Nevertheless, to display these values with the beautiful layout, you need to go through Aida64, a payware offering a 30-day trial period. And there’s the rub: the brand distributes illegal software licenses. Big-time scam!

Lamptron distributes illegal Aida64 licenses!

Lamptron ST060

In its latest video, Der8auer points the finger at this problem, since on the cooler’s box we find a license for the software in the “Extreme” declination for version 6.92. However, the box states :

“The version is a free copy and does not support online upgrades”

The only snag in this story is that at no point is Aida64 freeware, and the smallest license alone costs around sixty dollars. Then, after inserting the key into the software and updating it, the news hits: a banner appears at the bottom of the software:

“This is not a legally purchased copy of Aida64 🙁
Please support the developers and buy a license on”

After several exchanges between Der8auer and the devs, it turns out that the brand is indeed registered as a reseller. The only problem is that the brand has only purchased one Extreme license of the software… As luck would have it.

In the end, it turns out that the company is kindly distributing software licenses generated by keygen or similar tools. Worse still, after contacting the publisher several times, Lamptron simply didn’t bother to reply. In short, you’ll forgive the vulgarity, but we’re dealing with some pretty big ” SAKs ” here.