[LABO] Corsair HX1500i and 12VHPWR 600 PCIe Gen5 power cable


Corsair has just sent us a copy of its HX1500i power supply, but not only, since we also received a copy of the 12VHPWR 600 PCIe 5.0 power cable. This new cable will be very useful to test the graphics cards with a 12+4 connector that equip the new RTX 4000 from NVIDIA. This cable is sold for $19.99 or 21.99 euros.

This is the big topic of the moment concerning the adapter from NVIDIA which seems to have encountered quite a few problems with connectors that melt and damage the RTX 4000. The problem seems to come from the design of the adapter and NVIDIA has taken the matter very seriously and should certainly react in the coming days. The adapters offered by the motherboard manufacturers do not seem to have this problem. On our side, we have already carried out several tests with the Corsair adapter and with our MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Liquid X, well overclocked, without having encountered any problem.

This 12VHPWR 600 power cable is compatible with a number of power supplies such as our Corsair AX1600i which we always use for our overclocking tests. Your Corsair power supply must be compatible with Type 4 connectors via a dual 8-pin PCIe connection. You can check its compatibility using Corsair’s online utility.

Corsair HX1500i Power Supply:

The latter is not completely unknown to us since NHU9B recently presented its little sister, the HX1000i version. This Corsair HX1500i is certified 80 PLUS Platinum with premium quality 100% Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors. This certification guarantees the HXi power supplies an efficiency of up to 92%.

This is of course a modular power supply that will allow you to connect only the necessary power cables. It also has a USB type C port used to link the iCUE software. The block is equipped with a 140 mm fan with “Zero RPM” technology. The fan will be at rest when the power supply is low or medium (below 750 w) to reduce noise pollution to a minimum.

The dimensions are quite imposing with a width of 150 mm, a height of 86 mm but especially a depth of 200 mm! It will therefore be necessary to check that you have the necessary space in your box. We continue in the non-standard characteristics with a total weight of nearly 2.5 Kg. Finally, you should know that this power supply is available for $399.99 in the US and  319.90 euros in Europe on the brand’s website and that it has a 10-year warranty.