Intel renames its engravings and reveals images of future processors!


During the Intel Accelerated, the blue announced changes on their engraving process and in particular on the names used to identify them. Icing on the cake, information on some future products were revealed.

Intel renames its engravings and announces new technologies.


gravure intel

During this live, Intel took the opportunity to introduce new names to clarify its engraving processes. Exit the 14nm++ or 10nm Enhanced SuperFin, place to the Intel 7,4,3 and 20A. A necessary change of names, to be in line with the current industry standard. In short, the 10nm SF equipping Tiger Lake processors will keep its name, but the 10nm ESF that will arrive soon with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids change its name to Intel 7, offering 10-15% higher performance/watt than the 10nm SF currently in production. The Intel 4 will replace the old 7nm with up to 20% more performance/watt and the full use of EUV, which will be available around 2023. For the Intel 3 and 20A the definition is a bit more vague. Intel has mentioned in the past its evolutionary steps through 7nm+ or ++, 5nm, 3nm or 1.4nm. Note that the Intel 20A would be a considerable advance with the new RibbonFET transistor.

The future processors pictured.

intel 7 produit

To illustrate its engravings, Intel has chosen to unveil new images of its future processors and some small information. Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids using the 10nm ESF renamed in Intel 7 show their die officially for the first time. A representation allowing to see better the composition of the processors. The first thing we notice are the 8 Golden Cove cores and 8 Gracemont cores present on the Alder Lake and the 4 die of the Sapphire Rapids.

intel 4 produit From the old 7nm renamed Intel 4 materializes with Meteor Lake whose compute tiles on tape out in the second quarter of 2021, which would be presented in the form of 3 die connected by the EMIB, with the compute die, the SoC, and the GPU die. On the server side, the successor of Sapphires Rapids should also take the path of chiplets with 2 die composed of 60 tiles each, or 120 in total. meteor lake accelerated

Adding to this, Meteor Lake will have a gen GPU (12 or 13 ?) with a minimum of 96 EU and up to 192, all included in a thermal envelope ranging from 5W to 125W. So much for the main information concerning the general public. However, the Intel live conference was quite dense and we invite the most curious to watch it in its entirety on the official website.