Intel GPU delays are said to be caused by…Russia.


Intel’s GPUs have generated a lot of expectations since Pat Gelsinger ‘s announcement, but the story is about to turn sour. While the range is still not really launched, the first tests are disappointing and reveal multiple problems with drivers while this point is often crucial for the success of a graphics card. Until then Intel had put its actions in line with the words of its seminal CEO, the GPU program looks like the first serious “bungle” since the return to business of the latter. GPU Intel problème russie How did we get to this point when the cards should have been released much earlier? It seems that the reason is to be found on the Russian side… And sit down : this explanation is valid. Between the driver mess and the repeated delays, there must have been real reasons for this crossroads, unless you want to believe that Intel had completely screwed up and that its future in the GPU segment was strongly compromised… In this case, Intel would have really been unlucky.

The key Intel GPU driver team located in Russia

This impression of “panic” about the drivers would actually be totally founded and caused by the geopolitical news of the last few months. The key elements of the Intel GPU drivers, in particular the shader compiler and the associated key performance elements, were made by the team in Russia. The severe sanctions applied to Russia have essentially cut off the ability to do business in the country. A situation that made it impossible to even pay the salaries of the employees of the Russian structure. Long story short, Intel had its key development team disconnected from the world almost overnight without warning.

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Intel GPU drivers russie
Intel had 1,200 employees in Russia before the sanctions…

According to information revealed by SemiAccurate, Intel undertook an extraordinary effort to get its staff, with their families, out of Russia. But there was a period of hesitation dictated by the analysis of some experts who proclaimed that this story between Ukraine and Russia would not last. Many engineers were moved, with changes of heart in the process taking men and families with them. While this process is now over, some engineers have remained in Russia and are now permanently removed from the program, they and their work. So it’s a real twist of fate that has befallen Intel’s first GPUs. Even if the rookies did the right thing with their staff, the damage was done. Adding to that a little pinch of Covid and other more classic hassles, this first generation really has a difficult delivery…