Intel ARC: performance will increase again


Intel ARC graphics card performance has quietly improved with each driver update. Recently, the main esports titles have been able to benefit from performance gains of up to 80%. Of course, the titles concerned are not recent, but they are still very popular on the esports scene. CS:GO, Starcraft 2 or League of Legends have benefited from improvements of nearly 48 and 36% respectively.

Intel ARC A750 & A770 : les performances

Intel ARC performance: driver updates that make a difference

The latest rumors suggest that a major update will be coming soon, allowing us to go one step further, especially with DX11 titles. The performance gain will also be accompanied by bug fixes and optimization upgrades for new titles. That’s why we’re going to torture our ARC cards that we tested at launch. Indeed, quietly, Intel seems to do a considerable amount of work that allows it to interpose its cards on the mid-range Nvidia ( let’s hear us: RTX 3050 / 3060 and 3070 ). Indeed, with the December update, on some titles, the small A750 is able to compete with the 3060 and even the 3070.

As good news never comes alone, it seems that a price drop is also planned and should be applied very soon. These are good reasons to review our judgement on these ARC cards and to encourage those who are looking for an economical solution to consider the Intel offer with much more confidence now.