Intel Arc A750E and A580E for the pro market?


A new Intel driver for Linux has revealed two new GPUs from Intel. Digging deeper, Phoronix’s editor-in-chief managed to uncover two new PCI IDs. These correspond to the Arc A750E and Arc A580E!

Arc A750E and A580E: GPUs for the professional sector?

Intel Arc A750E et A580EIn a nutshell, Phoronix’s editor-in-chief took a look at Intel’s latest Linux driver patchnote. This enabled him to unearth two new PCI IDs, 0x56BE and 0x56BF. After some further research, it turns out that these IDs refer to the Arc A580E and A750E.

If we were tempted to believe in a refresh of the cards at the moment, this would clearly not be the case. According to Bionic_Squash (via VideoCardz), these boards are actually related to the Arc Embedded series. As a reminder, this range is intended for industrial, commercial and business applications.

For the moment, the specifications of these boards are not known, but it’s not impossible that they will be based on the same principles as their mobile counterparts, the A750M and A580M. However, it’s conceivable that these will be low-power versions, with reduced TDPs and lower frequencies… Why not?