Intel 13th gen: no more boxed versions!


Intel regularly modifies its customer-oriented product range. This is an opportunity for the brand to adapt it to the market and further optimize its costs. This time, the company is announcing, via a PCN (Product Change Notification), the end of boxed versions of its 13th gen Core i series. However, before they disappear from the shelves, we’ll have to wait a few months or even a few years!

Intel 13th generation: bulk versions only!

Intel 13e génération

The Core i 13K/KF/KS will no longer be sold in boxed form. Instead, you’ll be able to buy OEM, Tray or Bulk versions, i.e. the bare CPU in a small plastic cover. In the end, you don’t lose much, since these CPUs arrive without a heatsink. At the same time, with TDPs of 125W, it’s not a cooler that’s going to cool anything down!

What’s more, this announcement is likely to make some resellers very happy, as they’ll be able to free up quite a bit of space in their stock!

In terms of dates, these CPUs were discontinued on March 21. But orders can still be placed until May 24, while the last shipments will be made until June 28. After that date, it will be the end!

This decision is hardly surprising, and we understand Intel’s decision to concentrate on its fourteenth generation. What’s more, note that the same fate is in store for the fourteenth generation when Arrow Lake arrives on the market. Date? Probably in the first quarter of 2025!