Intel 101.4953: a few fixes for Intel GPUs!


New driver for Intel graphics cards. This time, there’s no announcement of exceptional performance gains, only fixes. However, it’s always welcome, and the blue ones tackle Alan Wake II, Starfield and Halo in particular!

101.4953: patches in sight!

Starfield - GeForce 537.13 - 101.4953This new version includes a number of fixes, four in all, as follows:

  • No more flickering in the sky during night scenes on Starfield (DX12).
  • No more corruptions on water and reflective surfaces in Alan Wake 2 (DX12).
  • Halo: Master Chief Collection (DX11) will no longer have lower-than-expected performance in its GamePass version.
  • The same applies to World War Z, with performance returning to normal levels in the Epic Games Store version.

Of course, there’s still a lot of work to be done, and many problems are already known:

  • Intel Arc Graphics Products:
    • Sporadic crashes may occur in game on Ghostrunner 2 (DX11).
    • Corruptions may appear on Total War: Pharaoh (DX11) after a change of resolution on certain displays.
    • Corruptions using Dynamic Resolution Scaling can be seen on Starfield.
    • Crashes can also be encountered on Dead by Daylight.
    • Topaz Video AI may encounter errors when using certain templates for video enhancement.
  • Intel Iris Xe Max Graphics products:
    • Driver installation may not complete successfully on some notebooks equipped with both Intel Iris Xe and Intel Iris Xe Max. A system restart may solve the problem.
  • Intel Core Processor (12th-14th Generation) Products :
    • Sporadic crashes can be observed on Dragon Quest X Online (DX9).
  • Intel Arc Control:
    • With some games, Arc Control Studio may incorrectly generate multiple video files.
    • When using an HDMI connection, the “Display” page may incorrectly show DisplayPort in the “Connector” tab.
    • A ” Stream already ended ” pop-up may appear after Capture/Highlights/Broadcast have been activated.
    • Arc Control may not retain global application settings in Overlay mode after a system reboot. To get around this problem, you need to switch to desktop mode.

So, if you’re playing Starfield, Alan Wake 2 or World War Z, for the download, it’s just below :

Intel driver (677.8 MB)