High-performance Thermal Paste: NZXT enters the thermal paste business


NZXT continues to release new products, after the N5 Z690 and N7 Z690, and now the brand is releasing a new thermal paste: High-performance Thermal Paste.

NZXT’s High-performance Thermal Paste

NZXT is targeting the general public with this new product, presenting it as easy to apply and clean, as well as having a long shelf life of 3 years. Good news for those who might be apprehensive, the paste does not conduct electricity to avoid short circuits.

seringue 3 g pâte thermique NZXTTwo formats are available: a 3g syringe and a 15g syringe, both of which will come with a wipe to clean your processor or graphics card before the new application. The paste is composed of zinc oxide, liquid polymer and aluminum. Concerning the characteristics, the thermal conductivity is announced at 6 .3 W/m.K. To compare, the MX-4 from Arctic is at 8.5 W/m.K, and the Apex from Alphacool recently announced 17 W/m.K, to note however that this is not the only criterion to be retained to know the performance of a thermal paste. We also note its density of 3.5 g/cc and its viscosity of 35~220*10³ mPa.s. Unfortunately, the brand does not indicate the temperature range of use.

NZXT has not yet communicated any figure on the real performances. You will be able to test it in the next few days on our website. Regarding the price, we find respectively the model of 3 g and 15 g at 9.99 € and 19.99 €

on the site of NZXT.