Halo Infinite: 3GB graphics cards are out!


Since the last update of Halo Infinite, the game simply refuses to launch if you have a graphics card with 3 GB of memory. Until now, despite an error message, it was still possible to launch!

No more Halo Infinite for owners of graphics cards with 3 GB of VRAM!

Halo InfiniteThe cold shower will mainly concern Steam users as the system requirements are not very explicit. According to the platform, an RX 570 or GTX 1050 is required for the game. However, Steam is careful not to tell users how much VRAM is required.

Anyway, up until now, if you had a 3GB card, when the game launched, you would get an error that you could skip and the title would still launch. Now, since the arrival of season 3 of the game, this is no longer possible. Ultimately, this is most damaging for players using a GTX 1060 3GB. The card was reportedly still doing very well with minimal detail despite being almost seven years old.

It remains to be seen whether some clever person will find a way around this limitation. Especially since this restriction comes without warning, as no information seems to be present in the patchnote.