Gigabyte lets you disable CEP via beta bios!


After launching a black version of its Z790 Aorus Pro X motherboard, Gigabyte is now offering new bios. These, for the Z790 and B760 platforms, enable the CEP function to be disabled for fourteenth-generation CPUs.

CEP: Gigabyte bios to disable the function!

Gigabyte CEP

CEP stands for Current Excursion Protection. This function ensures stable performance by compensating with more voltage, or sacrificing performance by lowering frequencies, depending on various CPU power supply parameters.

In some cases, however, this function does more harm than good. The result, for example, is degraded performance on non-K processors that you wish to undervolve , or equally high temperatures.

In short, in these situations, it’s better to disable this function… However, this was not possible with all CPU and motherboard combinations. Indeed, with a non-K CPU, you couldn’t disable it on Z790 and B760 boards, or with a K processor on a B760 motherboard. Now, with bios based on Intel’s new microcode, it’s possible!

Gigabyte CEP

Depending on the application, you should see a reduction in processor temperatures. The brand mentions gains of up to 16°C on tests carried out with a Core i5 14600 on a B760M Aorus Elite AX, while offering the same performance.

Of course, to get hold of the bios in question, visit the brand’s website.