Gen4 4000E: value SSDs from Gigabyte!


Gigabyte announces its new Gen4 4000E SSD series. We’re talking about an entry-level series whose prices shouldn’t go through the roof (there’s something for everyone). What’s more, capacities aren’t going through the roof either!

Gen4 4000E: affordable SSDs from Gigabyte!

Gigabyte Gen4 4000EThe program features a series of SSDs in M.2 format, with a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface. In terms of capacity, these are “small” SSDs, with capacities of 250GB, 500GB and 1TB. Clearly, they are intended for office PCs where storage requirements are relatively low!

Internally, it’s hard to say what’s inside, since the brand doesn’t disclose the type of memory or controller used. However, we do know that there’s no DRAM cache, which could have an impact on performance.

Gigabyte claims maximum sequential read speeds of 4 GB/s, compared with 3.9 GB/s for writing. Random performance is not specified either. As for endurance, expect 320TB for the 1TB, 300TB for the 500Gb and 150TB for the 250Gb.

At present, prices are not known either, but they shouldn’t go very high!

Here’s the Gigabyte product sheet!