GeForce 551.68 HotFix: a patch for GTX 16 NVENC encoders


New update deployed by NVIDIA with GeForce 551.68 HotFix. This update corrects a specific problem linked to the NVENC encoder on certain NVIDIA cards. GTX 16 cards suffer from a bug when their encoder is used.

GeForce 551.68 HotFix: GTX 16 NVENC encoder bugfix!

GTX 1650 - GTX 1660 - GTX 1650 Ti - GeForce 551.68 HotFixSince the last driver update, 551.61, cards in the GTX 16 series have suffered from a bug in their encoder. When NVENC is used to encode videos, corruptions and errors occur during operation. This is the problem that NVIDIA is correcting with this patch, and only this one. For the rest, the driver doesn’t provide any additional support for video games, nor does it add any new functionality. In fact, it is based on 551.61.

Once installed, the driver will solve these encoding problems with GTX 1630, GTX 1650 and GTX 1650 Ti. As a reminder, these cards use the sixth and seventh generations of NVENC supporting H.264 and H.265. For AV1, you’ll need to opt for an RTX 40, featuring NVIDIA’s latest-generation encoder.

Here’s the NVIDIA driver! (635 MB)