GeForce 551.61 WHQL: a new control panel!


New driver update from NVIDIA, with GeForce 551.61 WHQL. With this new version, the company offers us a driver whose control panel has been reworked. The latter, similar to what AMD offers, is a kind of fusion with GeForce Experience!

GeForce 551.61 WHQLD, what’s new :

NVIDIA GeForce 551.61 WHQLDNVIDIA’s first new feature is its revamped control panel. It comes with a new design and more functions. Broadly speaking, it’s a fusion of GeForce Experience and the basic NVIDIA panel. Like AMD, you’ll be able to set up your games, display, etc. via a single interface.

Other new features include a Game Ready driver for the Nightingale game. With this, it will offer optimal GeForce Experience settings for Granblue Fantasy: Relink, Pacific Drive and Skull and Bones.

The patches :

We now continue with the patches section. On the gaming side, we have :

  • Correction of stability problems on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with the VulkanAPI [4460050].

More generally, NVIDIA fixes :

  • Tone mapping now works correctly with custom brightness values in Windows with RTX Video HDR [4472972].
  • With Windows HDR settings active, black quality is improved when playing SDR content on Chrome and Edge browsers [4492243].
  • NVIDIA Freestyle filter settings are now saved after exiting a game [4472656].
  • Adobe Substance 3D: Stager viewport can now initialize [4403960].
  • Substance Painter can now be launched on Adobe Substance 3D: Vulkan [4425856].

Finally, there are still a few issues to be resolved:

  • On Netflix, via the Edge browser, display problems may occur. We recommend using the application as a workaround [4388454].
  • GTX 10 and RTX 20 can freeze randomly when SLI and Windows hardware acceleration are activated at the same time [4009884].

To download this version and take advantage of the new control panel, click here:

The NVIDIA driver is here!