GeForce 528.02 WHQL: A driver for Dakar Desert Rally!


New driver update from NVIDIA with the GeForce 528.02 WHQL driver. A new version that brings support for the RTX 4070 Ti and optimizations for new games. This concerns Dakar Desert Rally and Conqueror’s Blade.

GeForce 528.02 WHQL: between optimization and RTX 4070 Ti support !

In the program of new features, NVIDIA adds support for its latest graphics card: the RTX 4070 Ti. But that’s not all, since this driver also incorporates new optimizations for certain games. We are talking about support for Dakar Desert Rally and Conqueror’s Blade.

NVIDIA GeForce 528,02 WHQL

However, that’s not all, since this version comes with its own set of patches that we have obviously translated for you (home translation):

  • Fixed crashes on Portal RTX when switching modes/resolutions while recording with GeForce Experience. [3894168]
  • There will no longer be an overexposure effect when recording with Shadowplay when using the Windows HDR mode using DirectX12. [200742937]
  • No more monochrome video previews with AVS4You. [3890225]
  • There will be no more black or grey screens on Outer Wilds like with the GeForce 522.25. [3841593]
  • Visual corruptions on the Lumion Pro 12.3 Windows application have been fixed. [3784371]
  • Fixed brightness issues on some Notebooks. [3765244]

To get this new version, go directly to the NVIDIA website in the “Drivers” section!

GeForce 528.02 WHQL is here!