GC-HCPE: cable-free components from Asus to be announced soon?


Asus has been in the news for some time now with its cable-free components. The brand’s aim is to change our assembly habits by hiding connectors as much as possible for super-clean assembly. To achieve this, the company is exploiting a new power connector for graphics cards, the GC-CHPE, whose components should be announced shortly.

GC-HCPE: cable-free components to be announced on September 15?

Asus TX Gaming B760-BTF WiFi - GC-HCPE

Clearly, it’s the components from the TX series that will benefit from an announcement on September 15. As a reminder, this series comprises a motherboard and a graphics card. However, there’s a slight snag, as this batch is mainly intended for the Chinese market.

These are the TX Gaming RTX 4070 BTF graphics card and the TX Gaming B760-BTF WIFI motherboard. These components are predominantly white, with a few touches of cyan here and there. But what makes them so special is that their connectors are concealed as far as possible. To achieve this, Asus places the main connectors on the back of the motherboard.

As we told you here, in order to be perfectly cable-free, the motherboard integrates the graphics card’s power supply directly into the PCIe extension. This is the famous GC-HCPE we mentioned here.

TF Gaming RTX 4070 BTF
Source image : OMGPU

Now, bear in mind that this TX component series is intended for the Chinese market. So a global announcement is unlikely. However, perhaps this is the brand’s way of taking the temperature?

However, you should also know that a card with no visible connector has been discreetly launched in France. The TUF Gaming B760M-VTF WFI is currently available at a price of around €263. The only problem is that you need a special case, which Asus offers with the Prime A61… It remains to be seen whether this system will catch on here. If it does, Asus will unveil its components from the TUF Gaming series.