GALAX RTX 4090 HOF: the most powerful RTX 4090?


A few days ago we told you about the probable arrival of an RTX 4090 Hall Of Fame version at GALAX and today it is official. Finally, we should not say one but two versions that will be available. Our colleagues from Videocardz got their hands on a series of photos. GALAX will name its two versions using the name “RTX 4090 HOF OC LAB Plus” and “RTX 4090 HOF OC LAB”. The table below shows the characteristics of the two models.

Aesthetically, the two versions are identical and take up the codes of the HOF models. We are therefore faced with a card with a white PCB “housing”, a white fairing where three white fans (two of 112 mm and one of 92 mm) are inserted as well as the button “Hyper Boost”. The latter pushes the three fans in one press to their maximum speed. Finally, this is the first board that uses not one but two 12VHPWR power connectors.

It would seem that the two versions differ only by a higher boost frequency for the “Plus” version which then reaches 2625 MHz. We had heard about a version with waterblock but that will be perhaps a third version even more limited. We don’t know yet if these cards will arrive in Europe. As far as the price is concerned, there is no doubt that it will be very high and that it will certainly be the most expensive RTX 4090 on the market.

The power limit of the GPU is set to 666 watts, 66 watts more than the ROG STRIX version. Of course, this card will be cut for extreme overclocking and will certainly benefit from a BIOS unlock for a few privileged people. For our part, we will try to get our hands on a copy after having had the chance to review the KFA2 RTX 3090 HOF Premium and the KFA2 RTX 3090 Ti HOF.