GALAX RTX 4070 Ti SUPER HOF OC LAB Master-X unveiled


Last week, we announced the arrival of GALAX’s “HOF OC LAB Master-X” series, and more specifically the RTX 4070 SUPER model. Today, the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER HOF OC LAB Master-X model has been unveiled by the brand. As a reminder, there will in fact be two models, the “LAB Master-X” and “Master” versions. The card features a three-fan cooling system, with identical dimensions: 102 mm.

We also learn that the Boost frequency of the RTX 4070 Ti SUPER HOF OC LAB Master-X (Master-X) version reaches 2715 MHz. This is good factory overclocking, since the Boost frequency for MSRP cards is 2610 MHz. The white PCB, true to the HOF series, features a power supply stage with 18 4-phases. This model features two BIOS: P-Mode (performance) and S-Mode (silent).

Power supply, like all NVIDIA boards today, is via a 12VHPWRconnector , but GALAX naturally supplies a 16-pin (12 4) to three 8-pin 150w adapters (450w total). It’s hard to say whether this is an error in the press release, since the other RTX 4070 Ti SUPER models feature an adapter with only two 8-pins (300w).

The only unknown is whether these cards will land in Europe, but to be honest, there’s very little chance of that, unfortunately.