GALAX HOF DDR5 8000 MT/s performance unveiled


Last week, we announced the arrival of a new series of HOF DDR5 memory modules from GALAX. We had expected the series to be called “HOF OC LAB Phantom S”, but the GPU-Z software currently indicates “HOF OC LAB Aurora S”. Yesterday we were able to see a photo and a screen showing the overclocking performance of the kit, clocked at 8000 MT/s with original timings of 38-50-50-128. As you can see from the photo, the kit features a white aluminum heatsink and an RGB diffuser on the top.

Les performances de la Galax OC LAB DDR5 8000 MT/s

Overclocking performance is excellent. We know that the Hynix A-Die chips, the best in the business, have been carefully selected. Performance was tested under SuperPi 32, where the kit’s frequency was pushed to 8425 MT/s with timings of 32-45-38-34. As we’re used to being able to test DDR5 memory, reaching CL32 at 8245 MT/s is truly an excellent result!

Les performances de la Galax OC LAB DDR5 8000 MT/s

What remains to be seen is the availability and price of this GALAX HOF OC Lab 8000 MT/s kit. We don’t expect to be able to buy it directly in Europe, so we’ll have to turn directly to the Galax OC Lab Facebook page.