Galax announces no less than three RTX 4080 HOF!


That’s it, Galax finally announces its RTX 4080 HOF… But the company decides to offer three versions of the card. Indeed, we have the right to OC LAB Plus-X, OC LAB Plus and OC LAB variants. We will see what the differences are between these three models.

RTX 4080 HOF: three versions of the card!

Galax RTX 4080 HOF

Well, as with any self-respecting RTX 4080, this card is a real cinder block. Despite the presence of three expansion slots, the card will actually occupy four slots in a case. Of course, the brand offers us completely white cards, from the fairing to the PCB.

However, what interests us most is the data sheet and unraveling this little mystery around these three different versions. As we said, there are three variants with the OC LAB Plus-X, OC LAB Plus and OC LAB. The difference will be mainly at the level of frequencies since the Plus models will display a boost at 2640 MHz against 2595 MHz for the non-Plus. Finally, the Plus-X version will offer the HOF Panel III, an additional screen to display information related to your system.

As for the bios, it’s simple, the cards have a double bios: Silent and Performance. The first one will make the card work with the parameters of a reference model. The boost frequency will therefore be 2505 MHz. However, in Performance mode, the frequencies are increased, but also the power consumption limits. We go from 320W to 400W and we can even reach 470W via a manual OC.

For the prices, it is difficult to say how much the cards will cost in Europe. However, we know that in China they are at 10999 yuan (1500 €~) on