French OC Lan 2023 : here we go !


This weekend, several members of our community (and others) are organizing an overclocking LAN event focusing on extreme overclocking using liquid nitrogen. In the next few hours, overclockers will be defending France’s place in a worldwide competition (the Country Cup). In this competition, France is fighting to be in the TOP 3 of the world’s best nations. The event takes place in the middle of the countryside, in Montaigut-en-Combraille to be precise, where a band of friendly overclockers will be trying to make our colors shine, as part of the Country Cup 2023 organized by HWbot.

French OC Lan 2023

This competition has been made possible by the motivation and passion of several very active members of the community. These include Bl4ckdot, Antoine, Vertex, RM3113, Rady, Niuulh and others.

A number of partners added their technical and/or financial support to make the event possible. These included Intel, who delivered 14th-generation CPUs, and Dstny, who not only provided financial support, but also brought the Internet to this friendly village in central France, especially so that Vertex could stream.

French OC Lan 2023 : more content all weekend long

Many tests and records will undoubtedly be broken this weekend, and we’ll be there to report them. On site, Vertex and Asertes will be bringing you the key moments of this race to snatch a place (we hope the best) in the world rankings.

As well as live content, we’ll be giving you all the information you need on the dedicated channel of event coverage on our discord server.