EKWB announces an 8% price increase on its products


The Slovenian brand EKWB, known for its high quality watercooling components has announced a price increase from April.

Price increase of 8% on average at EKWB

Le waterblock EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB - 1700 Limited Edition

EKWB is known for its high quality watercooling components covering a multitude of fields, with waterblock CPU, GPU, motherboard and other components for liquid cooling especially in the public domain, but also present on the professional field with servers.

In a statement issued on March 17, EKWB announced the increase in prices of its products by about 8% from April 2023, the price of materials and the cost of labor that increases, forced the brand to make this change. No details on the full list of changes at this time, but all orders made before March 31 will not be affected by it.

The impact on prices is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, considering the already high prices proposed, these will start to become problematic. To the point where, for example, we will start to see GPU waterblocks worth more than the component itself (A750). The impact to be expected is a greater visibility for other brands (Alphacool, bykski…) offering products at much more attractive prices, without sacrificing quality or performance.