Corsair unveils its 2500 and 6500 series cases!


Corsair’s 2500 and 6500 are new cases, divided into two formats. While we’ve already had a chance to test the 2500X, the 6500 is a brand new addition!

2500 Series, quick reminder :

As a reminder, with its 2500 Series, Corsair offers us a trio of cases with the 2500D Airflow, 2500X and 2500X RGB models. These cases are available in mini-tower format for µATX or mini-ITX motherboards. Internally, there’s plenty of room, with a good capacity to accommodate :

  • CPU Cooler: 180 mm
  • Graphics card: 400 mm
  • Power supply: 225 mm

While the 2500X and 2500X are capable of accommodating up to nine fans, the 2500D Airflow version can be extended to eleven thanks to two additional slots on the front panel. As for watercooling, compatibility with 360 mm radiators is guaranteed!

Price: between €150 and €180, depending on version.

6500 Series: a bigger model!

Corsair 2500 6500

With the 6500 Series, Corsair offers three versions: a 6500D Airflow and two 6500X, including an RGB version with luminous fans.

In terms of dimensions, it’s a big baby at 328 (W) x 481 (D) x 496 (H) mm. These dimensions enable it to accommodate ATX motherboards. There’s also 190 mm clearance for the CPU cooler, 400 mm for the graphics card and 225 mm for the power supply again.

Ventilation can be increased up to ten fans in a 6500X, and the 2500D Airflow model even benefits from three additional slots on the front panel. It also swaps its glass front panel for a mesh front. Of course, compatibility with 360 mm heat sinks is guaranteed.

Finally, as with the 2500 series, we find a whole line of accessories. Corsair offers wood or aluminum panels for its cases. This makes it easy to modify the aesthetics of your model.

For this version, prices start at €195!

Here’s our 2500X test!