Core i non-K: 10% performance boost with new ASRock bios!


ASRock releases a new batch of bios for its motherboards based on Intel 600 and 700 series chipsets . These are designed to improve the performance of non-K Intel processors. We’re talking about gains of up to 10%, depending on the model!

ASRock, a batch of bios to improve non-K CPU performance!

ASRock B650E Taichi

With an Intel processor whose reference does not end with a “K”, overclocking is impossible. In fact, on these CPUs, the multiplication coefficient is deactivated, making frequency upgrades officially impossible.

However, what you can do to boost performance is play with the boost frequency (in particular, by influencing power consumption via voltages). Of course, by default, a Core i9 14900 will run slower than a 14900K, for example. The former is officially rated at 5.8 GHz, while the latter is rated at 6 GHz.

And that’s where ASRock’s new bios come in, as they allow you to disable a function called CEP… Or IA CEP. Broadly speaking, this function applies voltages to the processor to keep it within a defined range. By deactivating it, this “protection” is removed.

BIOS ASRock Bios

The result is a CPU that boosts higher and/or longer. And the longer the CPU maintains high frequencies, the higher the scores. However, this comes at the expense of higher power consumption and more pronounced heating. But the facts are there. On Cinebench R23, a Core i5 14500, for example, shows a 10.18% increase in score following deactivation of this CEP. Ditto for the 14700 with its 10.06%. However, on some models, such as the i5 14400, the gains are anecdotal at just 0.46%.

Once again, to take advantage of this, you’ll need to upgrade your motherboard.