[Computex] Thermosiphon cooling from Noctua


While the rise in processor power consumption means that most brands are turning to AIOs, this is not the case for Noctua. Indeed, the company’s specialty is air cooling and fans. However, we’ve reached a stage where even the largest fans are no longer sufficient… A solution had to be found. And for the Austrian, that solution lies in Thermosiphon, phase-change cooling!

Phase-change cooling for Noctua!

Noctua Thermosiphon
Source : Wccftech

Still in the prototype stage, Noctua did exhibit a new cooling system on its stand at Computex. Although the shape might suggest an AIO, it’s not. True, there’s a radiator, two pipes and what looks like a waterblock, but here there’s no pump to circulate the heat transfer fluid, just gravity.

In fact, what we have here is a closed-loop cooling system filled with a fluid. When the CPU heats up, the fluid stores heat and evaporates. As the CPU heats up, the fluid stores heat and evaporates, then flows back up the loop to the radiator, in this case the condenser, before returning to the CPU in liquid form to cool it down.

As you can see, the unit features flexible hoses for easy installation, while 240 mm and 360 mm condensers should be available. In terms of performance, this unit should be able to cool CPUs consuming between 150W and 400W… At least, that’s the range targeted by Noctua.

For the moment, there’s no scheduled launch date. What’s more, the product is expected to be launched first in the professional segment.