Clearwater Forest: towards Xeons with 288 E-Cores!


Intel’s future Clearwater Forest (CWF) processor family is already the subject of initial rumors. Indeed, @Bionic_Squash reports that the next generation of E-Core Xeons will feature 288 cores!

Clearwater Forest: up to 288 E-Cores in one CPU!

Intel Xeon 288 coeurs Sierra Forest - Clearwater Forest

Intel will soon be releasing Xeon processors equipped with E-Core only. The famous Sierra Forest will offer up to 144 cores, with launch scheduled for mid-2024.

Then we’ll be treated to CWF, the second generation of E-Core Xeons. From there, the number of cores will simply double that of the first generation. We’ll be moving on to imposing models with 288 cores!

Here, we can expect updated Crestmont cores. In actual fact, the various generations of CPUs using E-Core cores are based on Gracemont versions (first seen with the 12th-generation Core i) that have been successively updated over the generations. Modifications are made here and there, gradually improving core performance. So, with Clearwater Forest, we expect a decent gain in IPC (Instruction Per Clock) compared with Sierra Forest.

In addition to the number of cores increasing to 288, the amount of L3 cache memory should be boosted. We learn that it should be similar to that of Emerald Rapids, the P-Core-equipped Xeon. Last but not least, Intel will use its 18A engraving.

In short, we’ll be keeping a close eye on all this, and taking it with a pinch of salt since the launch is scheduled for 2025. That’s a lot of water under the bridge.