CK Series: four new cases for DeepCool!


Now, a little tour at DeepCool which announces its CK Series cases. A new range including four references with the 500 and 560 models, all declined in white and black.

CK Series: four cases available in white and black!

DeepCool CK SeriesIn this range, we can distinguish two models, the 500 and the 560. If there is no difference concerning the dimensions (230 (W) x 456 (D) x 471 (H) mm), it will be mainly at the level of the front. Indeed, the 560 has an opening on its front panel allowing a better air flow. Moreover, the basic ventilation is also more complete: four fans in 120 mm for the 560 against two in 140 mm for the 500.

Otherwise, inside, there will be some space, at least enough to install a motherboard in E-ATX format. For aircooling and graphics card, we have respectively 175 mm and 380 mm. Finally, on the power supply side, an ATX block of 16 cm deep will pass without difficulty. The next step is the storage, which can accommodate up to two 3.5″ and 2.5″ units.

For the fans, six slots in 120 mm are present against five in 140 mm. Concerning the watercooling, we will be able to mount a 360 mm radiator on the front and two 280 mm ones on the top and on the front.

For the prices, it will be necessary to count $99,99 and $79,99 for the CK 560 and CK 500. For the white models, it will be necessary to count $5 more.

Here is the DeepCool technical sheet!

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