[CES 2024] Nucleus Direct Die AIOs from EKWB!


The EKWB stand featured a very special AIO watercooling kit. In fact, the Slovenian brand is presenting a kit designed for direct die cooling. The AIO Nucleus was designed in partnership with Der8auer!

Nucleus Direct Die: AIOs for direct CPU silicon cooling!

EKWB Nucleus Direct DieAs you can see, the brand’s all-in-one watercooling kit features a 360 mm radiator. The latter is topped by three 120 mm fans, while the pump follows the typical design of the series.

However, there’s one special feature: the nickel-plated copper base. This is recessed to make contact with the CPU die , since without IHS, the CPU loses height. The aim here is to make contact with the CPU’s silicon.

Otherwise, the kit rests on a backplate, as do the mounting arms for the pump. However, as can be seen, an additional element is supplied to hold the CPU in place on its socket. Thermal Grizzly Liquid metal is provided, and to prevent it from leaking anywhere, a foam surround for the die is also supplied.

Last but not least, the pump cover comes with an attractive skull. Of course, an alternative, more neutral cover is also available. Or if you want, you will be able to 3d print your own.

As for performance, it’s obviously a real head-turner, and we can expect lower temperatures than with a customized loop also mounted in direct die…  and the funny part is that even EK isn’t exactly sure why. In any case, EKWB’s official website lists the kit at €202.90 for pre-order.