[CES 2024] Interview with Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master!


During our stay in Las Vegas, we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Jimmy Sha, Cooler Master’s current CEO. In the few minutes we were granted, we were able to talk briefly about the company’s vision of how it develops its products. And as you can see, there were plenty of new products on show!

A few words with Cooler Master’s CEO!

As you know, Cooler Master is a company with a strong presence in the PC world. The brand is present at almost every level, from cooling and cases to power supplies, peripherals and more. It is also present in the professional world, supplying cooling solutions to OEMs, while its fans are used in certain servers.

In short, during this interview, the CEO tells us that the brand’s transformation is nothing new. Indeed, the brand is constantly striving for precision and excellence. To achieve this, it has to develop new concepts that are then integrated into its new products, such as the Superconductive Pipes that gave rise to 3DVC, which can be seen in the V8 3DVC!

Cooler Master V8 3DVC
Cooler Master’s new-generation fridge

Of course, managing to cool components properly is an important issue for the CEO. He points out that the thermal aspect is directly linked to noise pollution, and we don’t like noise overall. That’s why the company strives to offer products that are as quiet as possible… Especially since Europe is particularly sensitive to this aspect.

Finally, to enable this constant renewal and to propose new concepts, the CEO points out that team members are free to propose their own concepts. It’s in the brand’s DNA, and it’s one of the company’s hallmarks: to surpass oneself, others and never be satisfied with what’s established!