[CES 2024] ASUS unveils its AIO Strix LC III LCD and aRGB!


At CES, in Las Vegas, we’re back with the ASUS brand. However, in addition to its BTF concept (configuration with no visible cables), the company is presenting a new AIO. In fact, the ROG Strix LC III is in the spotlight!

ROG Strix LC III: the new AIO from ASUS!

ASUS Rog Strix LC III LCDAs we understand it, ASUS is offering two versions of this series. A higher-end model with an LCD display on top of the pump. This is the model shown in the photo above. The screen in question has a diagonal of 2.1″ and can be used to display a variety of different things, as you’d expect.

ASUS Rog Strix LC III aRGBAlongside this, a slightly less high-end aRGB version is also presented. The latter features a pump cover with the ROG logo that can be rotated through 360┬░. The logo is illuminated by one or more aRGB LEDs.

In all cases, the kits are based on the same 7th-generation Asetek pump. The radiator features a rather basic finish, with rounded edges and visible rivets. Asetek’s 8th-generation pump is still reserved for the Ryuo III 240 and Ryuo III 360 kits we tested.