[CES 2024] 4x 12VHPWR on the Cooler Master X Mighty 2800W!


A look back at Cooler Master’s X Mighty power supply, which boasts some impressive features. The unit is on display at CES on the brand’s stand, and it’s via Paul’s Hardware that we learn a little more about it.

X Mighty: the Cooler Master power supply with four 12VHPWR connectors!

Cooler Master X Mighty 2800WThis is an imposing power supply with considerable depth. However, the power output is equally impressive: 2800W, all 80 Platinum certified, with a single 12V rail.

The power supply benefits from active ventilation and modular connectivity. However, this power supply stands out not only for its abundant connectivity, but also for its 12VHPWR capacity. In fact, there are four sockets in all. With this level of power, you’ll be able to supply up to four RTX 4090s with peace of mind. What’s more, we’re talking about new-generation 12V-2×6 connectors, which are safer… And they’re oriented at 90°.

While using such a block in a single-GPU configuration won’t make sense for most users, for professional use it will… Particularly if you’re planning to set up a 3D rendering or modeling machine, for example. What’s more, the block features a PMBUS connector for monitoring the status of the block on your server.

Incidentally, we’ve also learned that the X Silent series, with its 1100W passive power supply, could be launched sometime in March.